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oopsies. [04 Nov 2005|07:16pm]
i kinda forgot about this thing. but ya...im having a pretty crappy day/life/week/year. For starters i have a lovely F in math. and i actually try. guess im pretty much dumb. I thought i would have a relitevly good year, ya know? i was soo sick of everyone making fun of me, and its always the same stuff over and overrr. i know its true. i cant deny it. people tell me that i have a low-self esteem but im just living in truth. The truth is i would do ANYTHING for anybody. thats how compassionate i am. i would give my last dollar fpr someone that is hungry. I would give someone who ripped there pants on a freezing day my sweatshirt. i even cancelled plans with my parents to go out to it for a suprise birthday dinner for my sister because i thought my friend needed me for something. guess not. the most painful thing about doing things for others is that i know that know one would ever do the same for me. nobody would kill there plans on a friday night to watch a play, then just get ditched and end up home alone starving. nobody would freeze their ass off outside just so the other wouldnt be embarssed because they have a hole in their jeans. and in return...NEVER GET THEIR SWEATSHIRT BACK. people think im rich giving people $$ but it saddens me when someone doesnt have any money, or is hungry. and when i just want ONE DOLLAR i can never get it. so basically i suck at life. thanks for your time..</3.
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[26 Jan 2005|09:37pm]

haha ya just comment to be added<3
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